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Tonka Beans Wholesale sound like they are tough and mean beans, they are not

The almond shaped bean gives off a fragrance of almonds, vanilla and hay

Can be used as substitute for vanilla, but should not be used as a whole substitute in sweet dishes

Originating in Venezuela and spreading through Latin America by nature and civilisations looking to enjoy the tonka bean flavour plus the fables the tonka bean tree has healing powers and lucky charms - the joy our ancestors had with both tasting nature and being harmonious feelings towards her

In Europe, the tonka bean was temporarily banned as a foodstuff due to its coumarin content. The ban was lifted in 1991

In recent years has it established itself as an absolute trend seasoning.

Advise on using, the Tonka Bean should be used very sparingly. Depending on the recipe for milk-based desserts, it is recommended to boil the beans in milk for a few minutes or grate them down a little with a nutmeg grater

Grown in Brazil

Packed up in unit that handles MUSTARD - SESAME - CELERY

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