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Mango is a wonderful fruit native to South Asia Tropical Climate

The majority of Mangos imported in the EU are grown in India

Mango Powder is produced from Green mangos to provide a bitter flavour when mixed with naturally sweet ingredients offer a wonderful flavour balance

Mango trees are one of nature’s gems with most living hundreds of years, you could very well be eating the fruit from a Mango tree that was around when your grand grand parents were born, isn’t nature awesome!

We know it as Mango Powder, also known as Amchoor and Amchur

As with all our spices we source from growers who love their food as much as we do, who harvest at the right time for the mango flavour and not the right time for them - this often leads to harder work but when the aroma of our mango powder makes your senses sing with delight the toil of a long day is worth it

Grown in India

Packed in a Unit that Handles - MUSTARD - CELERY - SESAME

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