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Mignonette (Cracked) Black Peppercorns Wholesale

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Mignonette is a French word to described both the look of and size of the peppercorn being used, it does reference cute in French - they are cute!

Traditionally mignonette wholesale started with the white peppercorns but is used to reference black pepper too

The size of the particle being used in the cooking is important to bring a certain intensity of flavour to the sauce, perfect in the French Mignonette Oyster Sauce or simply steak au poivre

The size of the mesh used to sift through different particle sizes is an 8mm making the peppercorns around 1//2 size

Grown and produced in India

Grinder Use - Yes

Mortar and Pestle Use - Yes

 Packed in a Unit that Handles - MUSTARD - CELERY - SESAME







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